Hello people of the sun.
I sit alone in my studio partly hungover, drained of inspiration, tired as fuck.. editing, listening to Youth Lagoon and wishing I could sleep but I tried that and it didn't work.
Iv been pretty busy of late so its hard to get on blogger and think of something to post that
a. doesn't give away too much
b. is somewhat entertaining
c. is somewhat inspiring
d. is some insight into my movements and patterns

what do you want to see?

il tell you a bit of what im doing and hopefully the ball with roll from there.

So. I have recently been shooting look books, catalogues, websites and that jazz... a far cry from the kids i used to shoot in my backyard pulling bindies out of the grass. Models with pretty faces, versatile, nice rigs, some bad facials, beautiful pieces of silk and hand painted patterns... all translating into things you can buy so that you can maybe look that good? I love it all the same..
girls are really nice to look at and not too difficult to edit.. its the lighting part that drives me up the wall and forces me to smoke copeous quantities of rolling tobacco.

In between these shooting antics I have been cooking at an Organic Kitchen in Byron Bay tucked away somewhere between the yoga centre and centrelink.. or centreline.. i don't know cos i haven't been into one for fucken ever.
and I wont.. inspire of the fact sometimes my cat eats better than I do. yes I do own a cat.. something you may not have known about me.

Thank god im doing this right now it is seriously distracting me from the deadline I have looming.
Lykke Li just ticked over. Love that little sexy voice.

Where was I?
oh yeah what Im doing...
in between the cracks of sanity, working to earn a crust, designing and editing and pointing my sandy lens all over the shop I have also been preparing for 2 shows. One is at the Kommune hotel on the Goldie this weekend coming... deadline thursday and the other is my own.

Yep im doing a solo...
the sole purpose behind this was purely experimental. I work pretty tightly with a guy called Rafe, he has a company called Adrift and he screenprints anything from t-shirts to stickers to skateboards and does a fucking epic job of it too... anywhooo he just bought a black and white printer and needed to calibrate the thing so.. thats where I come in. I compile a whole lot of dusty old and shiny new images from the archives, greyscale em, preset em, bee and double u them, lift the blacks, threshold, whatever it takes to bring the image to life.
Then oldmate burns them onto paper and bobs your uncle. well maybe not but he tweaks it susses the colours and were in business...

so at the end of all of this test printing and calibrating im left with a compilation of images to share with you.

You see a good friend of mine Matty "Bone Machine" Atkins just opened an exciting new skateshop last night full of epic woods some handshaped some collected some vintage some recycled some new, no borrowed, no blue just the marriage of epic and awesome.
Bone Machine... yeah I got a boner too when I saw them all slung up on the walls.
And then some.
My little solo is a tribute to Two Tone... not just the colour scheme but the old school skating co. that killed it back in the day. Sew. you can come view this madness in a couple of weeks...
until then you can catch more of my work in a little chinese grocery store in Coolangatta on the Goldie for the last of the Bleach* surfing the fringe festival. And more at Kommune this weekend...

Blah Blah Blah.

The End.