Total Life Forever x

total life forever by the foals is stuck in my head and i cant seem to stop smoking cigarettes. all night house parties, flipping tofu burgers and passing out on the couch with the cat on a sunday afternoon may very well do this to you. avocado is also very nice especially with tahini, promite and alfalfa sprouts... cant wait for tomorrow... im also enjoying reading insights on the following space. http://www.kidswithtalons.com/ i fucking love weird people.


Skate rats and sun rays x

old friends

just a little memory of one of my best friends... been dragging up old film from the archives, getting a sly bored of digital these days..
days at the shack up at wedge island... good times x


Love my new swimmers x

nothing better than new cozzies for summer sliding in the sunshine!

yeah TALLOW you girls are soooo rad! so much amazing stuff this season and sooo much more to look forward to! yep losing my bundle... and my pay but sooo worth it cha ching xxx