Henri Cartier Bresson

"If in making a portrait we are trying to capture the inner silence of a consenting victim it is very difficult to slip a camera between their clothes and their skin" - Henri Cartier -Bresson

The most inspiring images I have seen in a really long time. Henri Cartier Bresson's Exhibition is now running in the Brisbane Art Gallery definitely worth a look.


Screenprinting skeletons..

today i shot off a couple in our studio of the seedy underbelly of screenprinting... us girls at real are just about to delve into some serious squeegy business.... stay tuned..
to see more of this go to REAL Creative Design Studio Blog.


Real Rad Rides and Rhythmsticks

Really good boards and down to earth shapers dont always come hand in hand, handcrafted yet humble, clean lines but not too cool. So easy on the eye and some cute as pie, look good but feel good. Think really fun retro boards; singos, eggs, logs, stubs, midlengths, old meets new, done up EH's, oldskool pushies with pink pinstripes, pastels and clinkers....

Iv just put my order in for a pea green boat... i feel like a little kid at christmas

look at more of Jonnos boards at www.rhythmsticks.com.au summer is sliding just around the corner.....x


Free x

if your always trying to get to the top you wont get to the bottom of nothing.

The Design Kids are fuckin sick.

I have some rad friends in SYDNEY doing some really fun stuff with their time. Enlisting creative creatures fresh from the market and throwing them in the back of their truck to pass on to the hungry art guzzlers. Catch my drift?
anyways... they have kindly asked me to be involved in their breeding program and I have politely accepted. Watch this space people.
The Design Kids are creepy but its cool.

The Design Kids dot com dot ay you!


Hey Hero.

                                 photo : Ryan Heywood

people gravitate towards you when you really need it most. inspirations, aspirations, development, hunting, gathering, putting pictures on my fridge. 
you know that feeling when you find something.. or someone that gets you super excited. makes you kind of wiggle around in your seat. you can actually see the little foam beard appearing in the reflection of your shiny mac screen... a big old smile and the excitement of knowing where you want to be. 

im living it. 

maybe im a kook.. or just a super frother.
i don't care
im gonna say it.


Surf. Check. Mate.