Pass Monsters

For Ali

"To regret one's own experience is to arrest one's own development. To deny one's own experience is to put a lie into the lips of one's own life. It is no less than a denial of the Soul" - OSCAR WILDE.

Less talk more SEE!

Me and my friends at REAL. Graphic Design Studio have been quite the busy bees...  over the weekend we hosted a Collaborative Art Show in Byron Bay. The event involved over 25 local and Sydney based artists with an abundance of mixed medium works, installations and live music. The night was centred around creating a visual platform for artists of all shapes and sizes with the undercurrent of raising environmental awareness and banning single use plastic bags in Byron Bay. The group show attracted over 500 guests and various media releases. To check out more visit real-graphicdesign.blogspot.com and  http://www.commongroundaustralia.com/


You, me and a cuppa tea..

sew my friends in case you didnt notice the newspaper is getting kinda brown on the front door step and it would seem i havent been home to bring it in and circle the upcoming group shows, new kids on the block and so on and so forth. so who was feeding this cat?

i was waking up on the water, slight kimberley bathtub swells lapping against my porthole. days of hauntingly untouched beauty, Aboriginal art, beachcombing for nautilus and gathering ocre. Barramundi fishing, whales breaching and calving, sunrise over stones, sunset over sea, steaming, on anchor, under a water fall, deep in a waterhole, salt, sea, green, clean, reefs, seabirds, crocodiles, rock oysters, beach bonfires. lost my tangent but yeah iv been at sea for the last 5 months did you miss me?

hmm. well i know my creative mind missed me. so much infact that i had to cut the ropes and follow my heart. it led me back to Byron and into the arms of big fat art shows.

whats next?
im working on something neuw
sew the seven seads and the oscar wilde child. - a tribute to life on anchor and the words that inspired change.

more to come my minions. i just got in on a shuttle with a bunch of writers festival big names, my luggage is still in melbourne, less that 24 hours and its back on. i think im going to have a wine and pick up where I left off.

thanks for your patience. god knows i got none.