Alls good on Elsegood.

Check out what some w.a boys are throwing together out of a little street in Yallingup.

top stuff really



fUck me im tit faced

so maybe im hoping mum doesnt see this, and hoping my future blogging doesnt get too out of hand but, yeah acid, acid washed jeans, ballpoint pens, hot blonde chick and boy with the sexiest beard you seen with a sushi mat tied to his broken wrist equals a whole lot of random doodling including something still stuck to my leg resembling a creature of some sort with boobs for eyes, yeah random? i know im really pushing the limits of this thing. this i will get it tattooed and i will post a picture shortly, maybe after a cigarette.. bending like bamboo ^%$ you 

x x x


Someone being Sally.

This is pretty rad in my books, so many good barrels.. im a goofy so im super envious but can still appreciate when someone is seriously ripping. Someone being Sally.

Gimme a Bexon Bitch

Hells yeah with all those pretty pennies il be earning on the ol charter boat im gonna lay down some bones on one of these badboys...
found a little stub and a couple of nice logs in a board buyers guide and got my beard on... did a little clicky clicky typie typie and found this tidy sight and an interesting blog to boot...
check out some different craft..



Surfed out.... well almost

the surf has been pumping.. yeah i can make that call.. the pass, as circus like as it is was still pumping, broken, as quiet chilled and clean or onshore it may be is pumping, whites is self explanitorily (if thats a word) is pumping, tallows with no wind and a $%£@ load of dolphins.. is yep... pumping.. well maybe not sooo pumping this morning but the funnest, cleanest and prettiest waves iv seen in ages... yay for Byron Bay your killing it, lucky surf cats like myself are revelling in it and tucking in for a sick little view, riding a shortboard again and loving some low rail time.. putting on a whole lot of zinc, skating in the carpark, photoshoots on the beach, sneaky photos appearing on in Byron Bay today that make me look like a shore fire kook sickguns. Yeah i can say im pretty stoked and been surfing my bum off for the last week, gotta get as many waves as i can before a month long stint in Broome on a boat cruising the Kimberelys..

so.. lovers
what does this mean?
no internet
no phone (cept a sat phone maybe)
no blogging and
specially no logging...
back in W.A
heading for the desert

im coming back to Byron for sure not a doubt in my mind.
I was very close to leaving a couple of times.. i was like narrr fu^%4 this place its got no f%$3ing waves, touros and protentious wankers..
quite the contrary
if you are reading this girls you are my inspiration and my reason for being in this town
and after the sessions iv been having lately and not having to put on a stupid red apron at Fundies Cafe you wont be able to keep me away from this town.
Long story...
but a whole lot of love.

Im gonna make me some cash on them tourist boats, check out some awsome Aboriginal sacred sights, perve on some whales, eat fresh barra mate, snorkle and swim, spy on crocs, jump in some dem water holes, drink a hell of a lot of beer with rhysy boy on deck... and on my off time with a hell of a lot of cash and more to come im gonna head to;
The Bluff and Gnarloo
Indo (boat trip)
NZ Raggers mate satisfy the goof
S.A Cactus Witzig homestead
Yallingup yeah bears
and of course little Bryon..

im coming back i pinky swear xxx



arrgh geez only the sickest excuse for a group show...
have a looksy online and buy some stuff you filfthy beggers not too exxy...

wanna see  more? yep

oo whats new?

sorry its been a while folks and followers (all 3) i have been a busy bee....
after the group show its been pretty pretty go go go... interviews, more exhibitions, surf contests, skateboard shoots, more photoshoots, waves, stubbys, bowls, beers, flipping tofu burgers, film festivals, buying tickets for Broome, um... finally im kinda breathing and hanging out with my mates loitering out the front of 7 11's with ciders and new decks, and at present im in my mates new design studio in the Byron arts and industrial estate, playing with computers, skating and ciggy breaks, cumfy red velvet rocking chairs good times.. thought id do a little update of this thing and show you whats making me happy
Yeah Brunny Bowl
Insight "Get off my cloud" art show at DBar 

With my lovers on the Goldie for Dingos premier

Drinking rums til the wee hours with some crazy cats on the Goldie

Beck Rocchi's O SO Solo show Scribble and Scratch at the Treehouse on Belongil x
Backyard bandits

Quiver shivverr.. my neighbour Timmy Carrol shapes some rad sleds and stubs, iv been sneeking little rides in out at tallows loving life.
yeah ladies 

so thats it in a nutshell... il post some new pics of some photoshoots iv been up to lately.. yay for uneducated kids that smell bad bad can point and shoot occasionally.