Light tricks and shop shadows.

Been playing around with some little layouts before the silly season... Sliding sweetheart Leana on a couple... and together again for the first time x

Post Script

Iv been in the wild west for 2 and a half weeks peeps do you know what that means?.....

too many memory cards to sift through and a list a mile long at the studio of TWO DOOS ouch... busy bees we are...

il be back in a minute to post through some new shots, old shots, new designs and some illustrations I can give you a sneak peak of...

got a couple of art shows coming up so its head down bum up. post surf that is.

post script.
dolphins was rad this morning and all the punters went in cos of a shark... wussbags it was super fun sucked in sideways



Gaz Art

Such rad photos, super inspiring stuff, sexy swimwear, summer fun, surfing sillouhettes, feather leather, this guy can shoot just about anything have a peak at his stuff and buy his book e wook.....