Beyond the white picket fence presents..


yew... its about friggen time... im holding a collaborative exhibition in my house...yep

im aiming to create a visual platform for underground and emerging artists. Works include print, photo, short film, sewing and woodwork, funds raised to support the Blackdog Institute for mental health, depression and anxiety.

The event will be supported by Monster Children and the Critical Slide Society and local businesses, Lyloh Sarongs, Early Skateboards, Tallow and more to be confirmed.

Artists flashing their fancies include;

Terezka Beck
Tim and Dustin Carrol
Beck Rocchi
Jesse Dolman
Diva Cora
Marina Viera
Dampling Productions
Sophie Marino
Christie Rigby
Christina MacPherson
just to name a few....

so yes... um write it in your diary

19th febuary twentyeleven
at 6pm

7 Bryce Street, Suffolk Park

hope everyone can make it along its all for a really important cause, which is so sorely overlooked.
should be a fun little shindig with the definate potential for a sequal...

yeah kids


We like to hang in my front yard x

ooo im so not meant to show this... oh well some folks will see it all big and shiny behind glass in a vintage frame i found for 2 bucks in a couple of weeks...
this is a boy that lives across the road from me.. we have spent some time playing under the hose in my paddling pool yeah shamus x

Tim Swallow x

more eyecandy is good for the soul... i love looking a pretty pictures maybe even more than i like taking them. Swallows work is pretty inspiring and since im just starting to do some catalogue shooting its giving me some creative ideas have a look at his work its pretty hot or is it just Yallingup local Shay Maclean thats turning heads?

Art Park

sniffing around Byron at the moment you may catch a glimpse of


otherwise more formally known as a collaboration called


they have some cool resident artists, lots of pretty stylish merchandise, and other interesting sorts and have been supporting local industry and underground artists around the place..

check out their goodies and more info


yay for pennies and pretty pictures

last night i walked into Retrospect Gallery in Bryon and i bought a print. art over beer.. yeah katty your doing well.

i bought a Luke Taaffe print.. he is pretty awsome i really love his work and its pretty reflective in some of the peices im working on at the moment..

Luke is exhibiting again on the 11th of Febuary at the Retrospect Galleries in Byron Bay at 6 pm scratch it in your diary cos it will be fricken awsome...
his works along with other local artist will be following the grain.. with most works tied in with wood works and splinters of that sort.
I guess if u need more info you could suss out the Retrospect website or you could have a looksy at more of Lukes art at



Yeah Becky you Rocky! x

my friend Beck is super talented... like super...
she takes the kind of photos that ooze natural beauty, lifestyle, grace, and breathe a deep sigh of utter appreciation for the wonderful world we live in.
her photos inspire travel and make me want to get out my retro board and surf all day in the sun...
Beck has fused her eye for landscapes and lifestyle into function art works and has created "Rocky Blocks" super cute momentos in all shapes and sizes.

these simple yet stylish creations are not only fun eyecandy but are made of recycled Australian timber (yeah environment) and wont burn a hole in your povvo pocket.
Beck has a couple of stockists on hand but if you like what you see or could see it on your wall check out more of her work at..

loves it.
x x x


oh insight.. you always manage to make me lose my bundle.. and the latest range and campaign is by far no exception.

get an eyefull of this..

i loved it so hardcore i framed it and put it on my wall for safekeeping..
check out the whole gig...
oo yeah and the new range is inspired by travels -youth- freedom... add a dash psychodelic and a handful of retro luxe florals and fuckin bam i wanna blow my whole pay check.
fuck you insight.

mah women x