Follow the Yellow brick road...

holy shit do you know how hard this is for me not to post all over the fucking web. im finding i need to  hold my cards closer to my chest.... you should see the rest. x


Playing with fire.

im so into weird shit right now. its the new black.

The Girl with the Green eyes.

this is what happens when you have a big fuckin bender... when your best friend comes up from Yamba and gets your tired ass off the bed and into the italian for a espresso martini... a whole lot of bondi hipster  impersonations at the top pub... yelling "i can see your vagina" under a toilet door only to find that the woman inside was actually nearly 70... definitely no sleep for poor little me.... we were pretty much as vague as it gets this past sunday... don't ask me what we were thinking but this happened.


Positive Change x

Been doing a bit of campaign design work and organising some fundraising events for the non for profit charity group and conservation group Positive Change for Marine Life. Its nice to use the creative itch the cultivate change. Sometimes you cant make it to the front line but supporting change anyway possible is a start.
Look at what the frontliners are up to here.
This page was left black intentionally.

Changing season swell x

Mighty fine by me.
natural light
natural colour
its been seriously pumping. froth all over the shop.