Lisa's Closet Recreated Vintage

I recently did some work shooting and editing for an emerging label called Lisa's Closet, today I was delivered a little package with the cutest top ever, I don't know how to begin to describe it to you but I am in love and its the best combination of colour and floral iv seen in a long time. Turns out the fabric was found quite some time ago and only 3 pieces were made from that one fabric. Recreated Vintage. Gold. And I will bath in the fact that no random punter will have this same piece.

Ok so ladies... if you like the above and you want to see these and more cute pieces strutting round in front of your eyes, with the opportunity to purchase your own Lisa's Closet Recreated Vintage piece before they get racked around the state.. head down to the Design Kids Studio 3/82 Centennial Circuit Byron Arts and Industrial Estate this Friday night. Lisa is holding a fashion parade, entertainment and refreshments supplied. For more details head to Lisa's Closet Facebook. Check out more shots from the shoot there tooooo.
Yay x

Dead Kooks Living Sleds.

Dead kooks... whats in the name? I will have to ask Eden the next time I see him round the traps... I'v been following the foam he's been cutting since close to its conception and I think thing are really starting to flair.. I must admit I do like pretty looking boards and I think these little tints, marble and even gold decals are quite a treat. See more boards here....

Warpaint x

B I L L Y  H O L I D A Y . . . .

Wilde Child vs Little Mind

last friday at Bone Machine... 2 bands became one and it was fucking amazing. i love punk. so much sometimes it hurts... specially when you get a black eye in american Throwdown when your 15. I love shooting these boys, and they love playing me Black Flag covers. Respect. 


Snake Eyes French Fries by Jason Lee Parry and Gandja Monteiro from Jason Lee Parry on Vimeo.




have you seen this man?

Beauty and the Bones

im in a band with these two hot bitches. WINNING!
we're even on crackbook epic 


can ya dig it?
Stoked to be apart of this new publication and the launch Art show/party in Melbourne 13th April if you live in the big smoke come down for a bevy and a peak at some random mess iv been throwing out.. its for a good cause too.. even better.. more details check out this space

"Too Hippy to be a Punk too Punk to be a Hippy"

my next tattoo...
thanks Jap Motors your on repeat and im tapping my feet.


Story boards.

working on a show in melbourne in a couple of weeks... you should see my studio floor pretty weird right about now. here are some little story board images that im thinking of incorporating in some way

Hang five.

epic. photog unknown. god bless.