Laneway Love

 The time of year is cruising its way across our calendars.. All the Indi kids with their pockets full of trips are hanging to hang around in a lane and listen to their favourite left of centre bands. And how incredible this years lineup shall be... Here is a few from a batch of processed 35's that i found from Laneway Fest back in Febuary 2011.  It was fun.


lots of love x


Desmond the Label

Desmond the label...
Model. Romy.
Stylist. Leah Hills
H&M. Luciana Rose



Miss my old studio... but the makeshift can always make shit. 

Kat x Kaleidoscope

Been playing with some photos for an upcoming show... 

I'd Rather Be A Kite

I was down checking the waves at Belongil one winters morning when I stumbled upon this little subject.... being the creepy stalker that i am i started shooting away... its a bit of a spooky sequence.. I think he was a la casa resident, i would love to figure out who it is one day so i can give them these shots.. until then. 

Hello there Rat Children

Miss you kids like a fat kid misses cake.