Yeah Diana

all i wanted for christmas was waves.
i was pretty lucky cos huey bought em for me and i surfed all morning til 3 oclock and then ate bbq and drunk booze til i was silly.
what i didnt realise is that a special boy had totally sussed out that i was infatuated with capturing images and that i craved a small plastic toy that when you looked through the viewfinder life was presented in a fishbowl...
yep katty got a lomo for christmas.. the Diana F+ with a fisheye tooooo
look forward to sprocket holes, pin holes and plenty of accidents..
love you x

Neuw Monster and Child out now

yay something to do when its raining cats and dogs read my favourite ink and paper, there seems to be more pages in this one and more pretty girls too which is always a winner...

tallow x

when i first walked into the Stone andWood brewery a few weeks ago and saw what appeared to be a shrine, i was mesmerised.. what lay before me also closely struck a chord with the sorts of spaces i create within my own space at home and wherever i claim territory wherever i am in this beautiful world. the dimly lit candles and soft red carpet underfoot led me to what was in fact a shrine... to the beautiful creatures of the sea.. im not talking about cetaceans, but what resembles a modern day mermaid dancing within and above the waves. surrounded by beautifully, artistic crafted swimsuits, wetsuits and patchwork boardcovers, i sighed. in awe i gazed at creations that i really felt i could relate to... this was me, this was how i felt when paddling on my knees on a longboard staring off into the distance at mt warning or pods of young dolphins as small but fun waves roll in at watergos or the pass. this was local.

this was tallow.

this is something beautiful and finally something for the feminine surfer. the functional but attractive one piece as returned, neoprene in soft hues and cuts that you want to wear, stylish swimwear yeah soft and sprawled with artistic talent.

i was again caught by the features of this creation in a local classic surf store. i could feel the fabrics and the quality, this is really handcrafted and reminds me of the functional art that purest longboarders are recreating...

have a look for yourself im already there.

100 speed roadtrip x

Rainy Summer B&W