Busy bee ver.

hello. its been a very busy couple of weeks in the studio recently but il be back in the blog business soon enough. for now heres a couple of shots i got at the last little show us REAL. kids put on over the weekend... for kids. kids that shred. heres the proof in the poured concrete out the back of the youth centre... ps: i also have been busy drawing dying unicorns, rockabilly kids, gypsy mullets and spooky skeletons with tophats smoking joints and riding logs.... coming soon.


Things that I want x

I have a funny feeling I can see myself wearing all this stuff. A really good feeling..

My Sunday Feeling... look here. buy here.


Farewell Art x

Gumby creator and stop motion king; Art Clokey sadly passed away today. Respect and Rest in peace. 

Monkey grip vision.. coming soon x

Full summer in the city; chlorine and rock and roll. Burnt brown on the concrete; washed clean, shampooed and dried; sitting at the kitchen table looking out through the bead fly curtain at the sky.. nights at the Kingston: dressed like an Alabama hooker in secondhand white satin.

Jealous boys x