crave this after 4 hours surfing little wategos today.. so much fun, super chilled crew, me and libby longboarding our little hearts out, dolphins a plenty amazing views, really fun little waves and tim tams on the beach from the kayak crew lifes pretty good x

From the sketchbook

Some work f r o m my S k e t c h B o 0 k.

c o m i n g a l o n g s l o w l y . . . .

Tread Lightly...

i stumbled upon this on

my walk



Pieces of the People I Love

My Mum.
the quote on the back reads;
"Kerrin, 1971 outside the bangalow at her place"

Tegan Jean Bransby.
also a lover of the rolling stones.

Prudence Robinson
pure inspiration.

Yasmine Olivia Jelleff

Amazing creature, creative, outside the square, first life.

Festival days... oh the love, i am gearing up for Splendour good times ahoy! look for the smiles.. Paige Tranthem i love you to peices cant wait to see you on that stage x

Me and Megan Riley : Thelma and Louis x x x