The Design Kids v Bone Machine Exhibition

 Above you will find Francis Ratford aka "Frankie" behind the wheel of  a big piece of road metal. That is certainly not the only thing this lady is behind. Mastermind and front woman for The Design Kids Ratford is on a mission to find the best designers in the world fresh out of school and drive them on a big road bus to success.

Show us your bones was just one of Frankie's latest art shows. Off the back of 2 highly successful Studio versus Student concept exhibitions known as the "Terrible Two's" both of which reaching maximum occupancy, "Show us your bones" was stripped back to black and white design on skate decks, bringing it back to street and back to her hometown of Byron Bay.

In collaboration with local roots skateboard shop and Arts Industrial estate neighbour "Bone Machine" headed by skater, moto mad-ee, old school rocker and entrepreneur Matty Atkins; the show featured art works with the words bone - machine in mind and interpretations of what those really meant.

The art was a pretty good indicator of the calibre of talent being plucked from the school yard and these kids are definately kicking goals.

The Design Kids is just about to launch its whole new website and online shop where keen art punters can purchase works from the kids and scouts can find new recruits for design positions crying out to be filled.

In the meantime check out The Design Kids facebook page...

If you missed this show but want to check out the last instalment of Frankies "Terrible Two's" its taking place this Wednesday night the 29th August in Brisbane at Bleeding Heart kicking off around 6..

See you there Kids. x


Yeah Riley!

My mates new flick to be released soon....


At the moment Im working on some portraits for a modelling competition type of gig for a very good friend of mine... unfortunately I dont think im allowed to disclose much more or reveal too much until everything is finalised and we seal the deal. This is my mate Jimmy he was one of the boys I was asked to shoot.. I just wanted to share this one for now and keep the rest under my hat, I think its a pretty one and it shows the interestingness of facial symmetry which im getting more familiar with the more I shoot portraits.. maybe one day il do a coffee table book of them... we'll see. x x x


Sunglass x Cigarettes

number 6 with a ciggy. 
tavoni x claudia

Baby, Darling, Dollface, Honey x

i want to see you in the morning
i want to see you when the breaking day is dawning
you gotta go 
you gotta go
its alright
but i want to see you in the light of the morning...


I have a big bag full of old film rolls and un labeled cd's.... my computer is angry at me... really fucking angry... fuck you computer fuck you. i am the worst at cataloging.. i am actually retarded at it... i cant even organise my clothes.... how am i supposed to organise 20,767 photos and then the rest? seriously?

heres sum film. you are easy. thankyou. we will always be friends. digital can eat a dick.

the devil takes care of his own.



by now you must have caught the breeze or even smelled the daisies...but do you want to know some more about these pretty ladies?

head to this space...... x x x