Cosmos... I found these shots today when I was collating some images for a new project I'm working on.. silently under the radar in the confines of my bedroom, I have the company of sunflowers so its all good. 
These were taken in the fall, somewhere between the cold of winter and the sunshine of summer.. Somewhere between beanies and wide brims, cold enough for hobo gloves to keep your hands warm between a cold beer just before splendour in the grass. How handy you can smoke a ciggy in them? Fall has passed but summer has come and filled its place. 
Have a look at what these cosmic kids are doing they covered you for winter.. now see what they have for summer. 

Dont steal my skateboard photo jobs again or I swear I'll steal your girlfriend. 


Look Back x

What do you get when you mix sunflowers, surf, sliding, sunshine, and sundays?
Molly O'Neill

Modern Day Romance

roll the dice. 

You should read this.

"Anger, pride, competitiveness and so forth are our real enemies. So, since there isnt anybody who hasnt gotten angry at sometime, we can on the basis of our own experience understand that no one can be happy with an attitude of anger" - The Dalai lama

and just so you know the wise man also said this....

" I think when tragic things happen it is on the surface. It's like the ocean. On the surface a wave comes and sometimes the wave is very serious and strong. But when it comes and goes, comes and goes, underneath the ocean always remains calm."