For goodness sake, I got the Hipster Hipster shake!!!
epic illustration coming soon.... 

Band of Frequencies

if you haven't heard them. you should. if you haven't seen them. you will lose your mind. or at least think you are seeing mermaids.

My New Obsession

THEE OH SEES! photo cred - unknown 


More mess.

You should see the mess in my studio, its hectic but i love how the hot kid that works at the petrol station till late hours tells me how he's been cranking up the gas on all the lighters so when people buy them they burn their eyebrows off. classic. he doesn't mind that im covered in paint. he doesn't mind that i smoke.  i don't mind that he is probably 8 years younger than me. oh and Oscar Wright once said " the balance of life is measured by noise and mess"

Self titled

What a kook. Who posts photos of themselves on their own blog. I am hungover this is me on a separate occasion of the same behaviour, I just found this stray one. Photo cred. Super Awsome.


"Everyones an Artist, cos its so honest.. to reflect? Society. Well its a cup of tea..."

Sea Stoke Show Sneakers.

Some of the art I'v been working on for the Sea Stoke Art Exhibition and Publication Launch coming up in Melbourne this April. Such a struggle for a soul such as mine.. who finds great pleasure in starting things but never actually finishing them...