Recollections and Obsessions

i recall a time when i was 14...
me and my best friend used to always skate the park at Kalamunda, a suburb across from where i lived in a little town known as Lesmurdie, somewhere in the hills far far away.
we were the biggest frothers and were always caught trying to do stairs and chairs at the Kalamunda highschool.. anyways on one fine day we met some older boys at the park 3 to my memory, two were named Matt and another called Tom, they skated good, really good. We looked up to them and they always chatted to us whenever they were there... which was pretty cool since we were just grommets and chicks that couldnt skate that well. One day Matt and Tom invited us to come stay for the long weekend at their beach house in Mandurah, holy smokes.. a beach house? rad! we were an hour from the coast and used to catch 2 busses and a train to get to the coast to go bodyboarding and skate the roundie at Scarborough beach and eat maccas.. ha the days.. we soooo wanted to go but our parents said no so we had to decline...

many years later i went to one of my first art exhibitions, a gig called "cha ching" down south put together by a guy called Luke Thomas, a talented local surfer and artist who wanted to help a cause which was youth suicide if my memory serves me.
from across the room i saw a face i fully recognised but with his interesting hair cut and attire i was a bit shy to say hi...
it was inevitable we would bump into eachother but turns out it was one of the Matts from back in the day.
Matt Doust. that was it.
in a geeky voice he was like " i know yoo"
yeah same goes and what do you know 6 years later and im still looking up to him.

if you dont know Matts work you will want to. i cant even explain it, but i remember the first time being seriously blown away. at the time i was throwing down sketches of nude chicks so it kinda creeped me a bit to see he was scratching the same itch.
but i think he broke the skin..
well he definately has now.

Congratulations Matt, after a series of group and solo shows hes finally off to the big apple where all shining stars get that little bit shinier. If you didnt know Matt also won the prestiged peoples choice award for the Archibold Prize for 2011 which is pretty fucking nuts and a $10,000 purse.

A big inspiration for me when I was younger and still to the present.

check out his work.

“I’m very particular with the subjects I choose, but I could find them anywhere, the street, parties, I once found a model at an op shop." - Doust.

Left - Achibald prize winning piece "White Cocoon"



oh RUSSH you are always worth your weight in gold.. silver and whatever i can find in my wallet. I know once i start flicking through your pages in any newsagency wherever i am i will always find an excuse to buy you. always. this time aint no different babe.

did you know Abbey Lee Kershaw is in a band? neither did i, but she is and super cute with percussion.
Jessica Stam, (cover girl) looks o so good in a slayer shirt and is so hot it makes me want to scoop my eyes out and put them in her cereal.. ok that sounds creepy thought you knew that already?

So much goodness in this months that it has not left my side...
and yay for talented photogs you make my world go round.



Amore and Sorvete Sightings

L o v e  and  I c e c r e a m
its all we need this summer.

Yallingup breeds talent once again
congratulations Kesta Anderson and Bridgette Gale on an amazing and ever growing swimsuit range, its beach, its vogue, its catwalk, one piece, two piece, yes please!



Soggybones Magazine

seriously.. im a little behind on this cos the latest was released on the 9th of March but im glad my fingers did the walking and found their way back to this amazing machine.. a well oiled machine with flare. its actually a magazine but the crazy cats put it online so if ur too povvo to get it in a shop near you you can still enjoy the fruits by the batfull...

i blogged about it a while back but if your new to the tash then you wouldnt know..

please look it up its seriously worth it and its seriously giving monster children a massive run for their money..

im super stoked cos my good ol mate and shaper for years has broken through and has a full page spread, adding the ad dollars but getting his rad shapes out there.. finally. stoked for you Leeroy, if ur looking for a new shape this summer invest in a Void.

also featured this issue...
Alana Blanchard,
Phill Goodrich super sick art
Skating Skating Skating, god know we love that shit.
Dino Adrian local Margies boy killing it.
so much more...



 i got some super rad friends, ok will make effort to stop saying rad but i truely cant help it. so. um their names are Diva Cory and Maria Nilsson and they are shacking up for the winter, no i dont mean like that even though they are both super cute, ok stick to the point, one beer later and i am rambling.. no their not shacking like that. they like to get shacked, in waves that is, and they are hanging in a little shack i like to hang in to, in the shape of a design studio that a rad guy names Rafe Cross looks after in the arts and industrial estate in Byron,
Rafe is also super cute and prints bits an pieces on a screen printer his dad built for him with his bare hands. totally rad. i know.

get to the point.
sew, stitch, shoot, skate, slide, surf, edit and graphic design dont start with an s but they do a pretty amazing job of that.

the gig is REAL
REAL graphic design
and the girls are fucking killing it. if you want them to work for you which you do, your best bet is to contact them heres a business card. they screen print those too....
they are doing big things, and they can do big things for you too... ok i have been infront of the computer too long, let a graphic designer do it.

Broome bowl

um. no bowl but super fun park that iv been skating for the last 4 hours and sweating like a jail bird.. loves it. took a couple of happy snaps with my Diana fitted with the fish eye and flash mount with a off yellow filter cha ching.. sew some will come soon i still have a 120 and a 30mm 100 speed old kodak to develop and yeah im living in Broome fa now so it could be a slow process. thought id fill you in cos this is all i can do write now.




California dreaming

yeah im not that far behind the eightball and yeah i know this campaigns been going for a while but i just rediscovered it while looking on the roxy website for a desktop photo of kassia meador... yeah shes rad.. and doing the old 10 toes on my laptop screen.. um so yeah i like what their doing but unfortunately i cant say the same for the merchandise their pulling at the moment.. whats this? first negative nancy post on my blog..? well maybe yeah. but lets hope quiksilver womens will step it up in the design department cos im sorry but fluro neoprene went out for a reason.

Steph Gilmore has raked in a few world titles and is still ripping it in the contest scene, now signed on for Quikky womens she has become the new face for this surf label movement.. im pretty sure everyone is kinda over the big three so i dunno if this is going to pull any punters but we'll see ay?  if im sounding neggo it could be the fact this is one of two outlets for the fact im stuck in a town with no waves. im going skating.