Yeah Diana

all i wanted for christmas was waves.
i was pretty lucky cos huey bought em for me and i surfed all morning til 3 oclock and then ate bbq and drunk booze til i was silly.
what i didnt realise is that a special boy had totally sussed out that i was infatuated with capturing images and that i craved a small plastic toy that when you looked through the viewfinder life was presented in a fishbowl...
yep katty got a lomo for christmas.. the Diana F+ with a fisheye tooooo
look forward to sprocket holes, pin holes and plenty of accidents..
love you x

Neuw Monster and Child out now

yay something to do when its raining cats and dogs read my favourite ink and paper, there seems to be more pages in this one and more pretty girls too which is always a winner...

tallow x

when i first walked into the Stone andWood brewery a few weeks ago and saw what appeared to be a shrine, i was mesmerised.. what lay before me also closely struck a chord with the sorts of spaces i create within my own space at home and wherever i claim territory wherever i am in this beautiful world. the dimly lit candles and soft red carpet underfoot led me to what was in fact a shrine... to the beautiful creatures of the sea.. im not talking about cetaceans, but what resembles a modern day mermaid dancing within and above the waves. surrounded by beautifully, artistic crafted swimsuits, wetsuits and patchwork boardcovers, i sighed. in awe i gazed at creations that i really felt i could relate to... this was me, this was how i felt when paddling on my knees on a longboard staring off into the distance at mt warning or pods of young dolphins as small but fun waves roll in at watergos or the pass. this was local.

this was tallow.

this is something beautiful and finally something for the feminine surfer. the functional but attractive one piece as returned, neoprene in soft hues and cuts that you want to wear, stylish swimwear yeah soft and sprawled with artistic talent.

i was again caught by the features of this creation in a local classic surf store. i could feel the fabrics and the quality, this is really handcrafted and reminds me of the functional art that purest longboarders are recreating...

have a look for yourself im already there.

100 speed roadtrip x

Rainy Summer B&W


The Sea Life

This stuff gives me little shivvers and reminds me that even in the dullest of weather and waves you can still point and shoot. x

Check the rest of Matts work


Surf Market Exhibition and Fundraiser.

Yeah, loves it. Nothing better than getting together, looking at art on walls, have a bevvy (maybe a tofu dog) and enjoying music and short films.. we are so spoilt here in Byron its not even funny.
If you like all of the above (or maybe fancy sausages) and wanna dig deep to help a cause come down to the Stone and Wood Brewing Co in the Arts and Industrial Estate this Friday night, kicks off at 6pm.
The cats involved are sending all the profits to Movember and a local lad Troy Jackson so its all for a good cause, and honestly how good is a Stone and Wood on a Friday afternoon.
Il be there after a stint at old Fundies so I hope to see you there x


Yeah get ya Soggybones out!

On my trip back home i discovered that this bad boy was going down.. check it out cos its pretty rad xxx


Oh yeah its a magazine x

SNAP Youth Photographic Exhibition.

Hello people that actually look at this blog... sorry its been a while iv been on holidays and hanging out in the South West of W.A surfing, drinking a fuck load of beer, wine tasting, eating cheese, drinking beer in spas for hours on end and drinking red wine long into the night on Yallingup hill with good company and little rolled up things...

before i left Byron town i snuck a couple of snaps into the Annual SNAP Youth Photographic Competition... its really for young folk and i JUST scraped in before 24 and all.. (old maid)

if your in Byron Bay and happen to be free Thursday night an exhibition is being held for all the entrants..

Show kicks off at 6 p m at the Byron Youth Centre

in keeping with the alcoholism that formed whilst in the wild west on road trips up north and down dirty south i will be having a couple of beers before probably in suffo but i think cos its an underage event dont expect free booze in retrospect tradition...

thankyou for your time lovers

ps: Phillidelphia Grand Jury are playing at the Beachy that night too


The IMPOSSIBLE Project - PZ 60 Silvershade

im going back to w.a in november for a couple of weeks to catch up with home and friends and importantly family. sew.... my big sister asks me what i want for christmas..hmm.. since im pretty darn blessed i couldnt think of much i am currently without... cept maybe some poleroid film... you see my big sister is so radical that she bought me a poleroid camera and film for my last christmas present. . i posed her with the thought and she says...

" i can try to find you some but i think its not made anymore and anything i get you will be past its used by date"

so me thinks narr... i swear i saw it in the pages of monster children that someone had taken over the reins...

"are you lying" was her reply...

Impossible you say?

Lookie what I found...
funnily enough on this exact day.. somewhere in NYC (jealous much) trigger happy kids are doing poleroid workshops for LEVI jeans...

"New York City has long been the photographer’s muse. And to celebrate this city and its people, Levi’s® is opening their second community-based venue for collaboration and creative production: The Levi’s® Photo Workshop. These public facilities feature a professional-grade studio, vintage camera rental, and a myriad of other bits and bobs to keep you shooting in style. For several months, we are inviting leaders from a variety of cultural fields, non-profit organizations, artists and the general public to share valuable resources.

upon further inspection i found that IMPOSSIBLE was indeed making new school old school Poleroid film the PX or PZ (depending on camera compatibility) 60 SILVERSHADE. shit the bed this stuff looks tops... check out more gallery works if you feel like getting super tingly inside...


Yeah Yeah Yen x

lookie lookie lovers of lovely luscious labels and letters lovingly listed for little lovely ladies. x


i heart adbusters x

This is how it begins : a few people start beaking their old patterns, embracing what they love (and in the process what they hate) daydreaming, questioning, rebelling, the only thing missing is a perceptual shift - a tantelizing glimpse of a new way of being - that suddenly brings everything into focus

[ ] being
[ ] nothingness

Lyloh Sarongs

new love sensation summer is coming how good!

get amongst this greatness... and its good for the environment

check out Lylohs inspiring and creative story



check out the new summer range and eco friendly sarongs..
x x x

Kat got a t y p e w r i t e r x

yay... bought a typewriter today from the op shop in Ballina only 10 bucks all proceeds go towards the local women's refuge double goodness :)

charlie in all his glory..


I need film..

yeah povvo bitch cant afford shit.
will post better poetry soon.

Hello Hula

We are bringing it back! Spent hours last night with my girlfriends getting our hula on in the rain in Lozzies backyard so fun :) so we are going to keep practicing and start a Hula Hooping band its going to be radical... keep you all posted oo any ideas for a band name would be greatly appreciated.. we will be playing the ukeleli, the harmonica, the tamborine and the triangle yes you totally dig it. x


Hairjacked @ Retrospect

Hairjacked Art Exhibition - "nine artists weave us on a journey where the intricacy of hair takes over highjacking the eyes of the beholder"...
Featuring the works of - Christie and Kelly Turner (above) Courtney Brims/Michelle Dawson/Claire Kurzman/Braidy Hughes/Nick Simpson/Troy Archer and Rachel Bartram.

Opening night Friday September 17th at the Retrospect Galleries 52 Johnson Street, Byron Bay starting at 6pm