i heart adbusters x

This is how it begins : a few people start beaking their old patterns, embracing what they love (and in the process what they hate) daydreaming, questioning, rebelling, the only thing missing is a perceptual shift - a tantelizing glimpse of a new way of being - that suddenly brings everything into focus

[ ] being
[ ] nothingness

Lyloh Sarongs

new love sensation summer is coming how good!

get amongst this greatness... and its good for the environment

check out Lylohs inspiring and creative story



check out the new summer range and eco friendly sarongs..
x x x

Kat got a t y p e w r i t e r x

yay... bought a typewriter today from the op shop in Ballina only 10 bucks all proceeds go towards the local women's refuge double goodness :)

charlie in all his glory..


I need film..

yeah povvo bitch cant afford shit.
will post better poetry soon.

Hello Hula

We are bringing it back! Spent hours last night with my girlfriends getting our hula on in the rain in Lozzies backyard so fun :) so we are going to keep practicing and start a Hula Hooping band its going to be radical... keep you all posted oo any ideas for a band name would be greatly appreciated.. we will be playing the ukeleli, the harmonica, the tamborine and the triangle yes you totally dig it. x


Hairjacked @ Retrospect

Hairjacked Art Exhibition - "nine artists weave us on a journey where the intricacy of hair takes over highjacking the eyes of the beholder"...
Featuring the works of - Christie and Kelly Turner (above) Courtney Brims/Michelle Dawson/Claire Kurzman/Braidy Hughes/Nick Simpson/Troy Archer and Rachel Bartram.

Opening night Friday September 17th at the Retrospect Galleries 52 Johnson Street, Byron Bay starting at 6pm

Rell Sunn

Rell Sunn pioneered womens surfing, electrified the ocean with her style and fought breast cancer for over 14 years. She was an amazing spirit and brought equality to surfing while inspiring women around the world to enjoy the ocean.. i am currently working on a peice to honour the " Queen of Makaha" r.i.p x


Ze Frog & Toad: Art Expo at Stone and Wood

Ze Frog & Toad: Long time between posts: "Apologies about the lack of movies/posting we got sucked into Sydney's trap and now we finally have escaped making our way north and the waves have been fun fun fun..."

Ze Frog & Toad is a traveling exhibition of new artwork by Nicholas Chalmers (aka Priscilla Queen of the Desert).

Art fiends get down to the Stone and Wood Brewery in Byron Bay at 6pm this Wednesday (as in tomorrow) Art expo from the creepy cats affiliated with our friends at Insight :)


Lomo Love

i love all the random posts on this site definately some eye candy any day of the week
Dreamy, neverending summers pretty joy x