Iv been away with the Fairies in a field of mushrooms.

Dear people from the outskirts of awesome,
thankyou for your visits....
i have noticed.

as my blog remains in a pit of stagnant filth I cant help but feel slightly guilty...
guilty pleasures

You have heard that lame busy bee excuse one too many times before and I am almost afraid to use it again... il just give it a little spin add in some adjectives and as the Cure ticks over on my Grooveshark I am attempting to formulate an excuse for my lateness...

I have been up the Goldie no babies...
super cute boys, a fuck load of epic art.
NOTE: "epic" is now my work for EVERYTHING. yeah sorry about that

soooo everything has been wonderfully wonderfully pretty
we should have each other with tea... we should have each other with cream
make mine with mushrooms.

sorry kids im going to start flinging shit at you like a monkey at the zoo

check out my Facebook page im in the process of buffing myself