i must admit i thought i had been keeping up with things.. i was wrong. my washing is still in the washing machine. oops. but your not really interested in that.
there is a list far too long to be bothered reading of things im not entirely keeping up with.
it sucks.
if time was a person id say i would have stabbed them. but then you would think i was a weirdo. so i wont.
yes it is late.
deadline or time?
oh yeah.
nice one.

nar its not really that bad.
i always leave things to the last minute.
i was talking with a friend as to why this might be over a cigarette i had after a 10 and a half hour day at work.
the other work.
maybe its a good thing. maybe it makes you more spontaneous with decisions. maybe it is truth. maybe it is unplanned, more expressive, maybe it is to be present. 

what comes out, comes out whether it is over 5 days or 10 years.

ok i just read that and maybe it makes sense maybe it doesnt.
its my blog and i will cry if i want to.

i realised tonight that i wasnt the only person that wasnt keeping up.

sometimes when your passionate about something you will do anything to keep it alive. keep it from going out. keep at it until it is all you ever do. but it never leaves you. the passion will never die, if its what you truely love. sometimes passion can consume us. take us from our loved ones and drag us into its cave where time doesnt exist, where you definitely dont keep up with the jones' and where.. when its just you and passion.. the whole world seems to disappear.
and everyone in it.

i think i am starting to keep up with myself. im growing all the time and i definitely think iv wised up to more shit now than when i was younger. i feel these days are the days to keep up with yourself. know what you want and what makes you happy. dont keep up to time. time killed his brother patients and thats not a good role model. dont keep up with the so and so's... who the hell are they anyway and why are they staring at me? dont keep up with the trends cos they always die young. dont keep up with the postman. i dont know about you but mine keeps sending me bills.

so thats why i have some catching up to do.
work is for jerks
art is for fun.
or maybe its passion.
i think its both.